Li’l Explores offers your child(ren) a safe, fun learning environment with large classrooms, a separate kitchen and cafeteria, and a child-approved private outdoor play area.

Li’l Explorers offers you the unique feature of live-streaming, secure video.  You can view your child(ren) learn, play and nap.  As parents ourselves, we too do not always have the opportunity of spending breakfast or lunch with our little ones, and we’ll get you as close as we can via desktop computer, tablet or smart phone.

Our nationally recognized curriculum is taught by an experienced, professional staff promoting early development and learning and encouraging positive social interaction.  For the parent(s) of infants, we provide CPSC compliant cribs.  

Li’l Explorers participates in the USDA Child School Nutrition program.  We offer parental participation days, picture days, and other special events.  Tuition is affordable (private pay, DHS & Choctaw Nation subsidies all accepted), and we are conveniently opened from

6:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday (closed only on select holidays).


The Comprehensive Home-Based Services (CHBS) and Parent Aide Services (PAS) programs are the largest EOYS programs and operate in over 20 counties.  These programs, or early versions of them, have been implemented in southeastern Oklahoma for 23 years. 

EOYS uses professional and para-professional staff to work with families in their homes to provide child-abuse prevention services, including parenting education, health education, budgeting, and family advocacy.   This program serves over 400 Oklahoma families and impacts the lives of nearly 1000 children every year.   


EOYS has supported Oklahoma’s youth through juvenile corrections since 1988.  We presently operate 2 secure, 10-bed juvenile detention centers—one in McAlester and one in Woodward—under contract with both the state and county governments.  Each center provides an environment of safety and security to protect juvenile offenders from exposure to the adult correctional system or county jails while they await trial or placement in a treatment setting.