Election Season!

Running for a seat in the House...Your House!

We'd like to introduce you to your next house representative! His name is Sam. Sam rallies in support of regular movie and game nights for the family. He also advocates vigorously for hot chocolate. If you elect Sam into your home he will guarantee story time nightly for anyone who wants to participate, accompanied by endless hugs.

If strong family bonding and daily affirmations of appreciation in the form of big smiles are important to you, then Sam is the candidate you've been waiting for. Sam has an outstanding play-ethic and he always tells you like it is. He is an animal lover, so you can rely on him to urge for the safety and well-being of any and all family pets.

What Sam wants more than anything in the world is to help you live your life with the ultimate satisfaction of knowing you are appreciated and that what you do matters. Family Matters!



Running for Foster Parent 2017, meet John.

John is our hard working, family oriented nominee for a seat in one of the most challenging fields in the running. John prides himself on having enough compassion to go the world-round but wants to focus it on one lucky, local party...a child in need. Being a foster parent has its challenges but there is not candidate up to task more suited than John. 

John strongly relates to other job seekers in the field of foster care who earn an honest, yet modest living. His true goals in his candidacy are to create a home for children in need and inspire other applicants to do the same. John's ironclad family values structure provides the criteria necessary to take on the dreams of any child and make them his own to nurture. Help John make a difference.



Note from the Party

Here at Eastern Oklahoma Youth Services the view that all children regardless of background, race, age and disposition are deserving of compassionate foster parents. The tools and guidance needed are accessible through thoughtful and professional organizations such as ours. In light of a rigorous and exhausting election season, take a step forward (not back) and reflect on those candidates not commonly mentioned or advocated for in standard debates and nationwide discussion...our foster families and children are deserving of support and praise.

If you or someone you know are interested in becoming the next nominee for Foster Parent 2017, please call EOYS Inc. at  918-420-5325 or email Kent Kelley at kentk@eoys.org.

We are John and Sam, and we approve this message!